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Shared Hosting Services

Shared Web Hosting

The shared web page hosting solution is best for people who want to host a basic web portal, which is going to consume a small or medium amount of web traffic each month. So, choosing a webspace hosting distributor such as, which can present you with the required domain and website hosting services as you grow bigger

Affordable Web Hosting

With a shared web hosting account, a host of people share one and the very same server and each user account has a resource allowance assigned to it. The restrictions may entail, but are not limited to, hard disk storage space, web traffic and central processing unit memory utilization.

Cheap Web Hosting

A web page hosting account with the smallest disk storage space and web traffic quotas used to cost tens of USD a month, but at present, some providers offer unmetered packages for only a fraction of this price, enabling clients and small-scale companies to assume their place in the online world.

Reliable Web Hosting

One way to learn more about the web hosting firm is to check online for reviews about their hosting services and the data center(s) that they utilize. This will tell you how dependable the servers and the hosting environment are and if you can trust this service provider to keep your website online and to help you commence your successful Internet presence.

Low-Cost Web Hosting

For more famous sites that receive 1000's of visits each and every day, there is also a low-price, reliable solution - a Virtual Private Server. With this kind of web hosting, there are just a few accounts on a physical server, which still keeps the price rather affordable as compared to a dedicated server.

Shared Hosting Service

The hosting vendors indeed vary from one another. Albeit having been in the clould hosting marketplace for quite a while, not many web hosting plan deliverers provide numerous datacenter location choices for their valuable clients. Despite its small scope, 'Lonex' provides impressive datacenter locations