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Dedicated Hosting Servers

Dedicated Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel tool that ResellersPanel Hosting provides does not include complete root-level access and is mostly appropriate for somebody who has numerous web portals that demand a lot of system resources, but would rather manage the websites, databases and email boxes using a user-friendly Control Panel.

Dedicated Servers

Resellers Panel monitors all web hosting servers for ping timeouts, and, if you have a Managed Services package, they monitor the individual services on the dedicated server too. Backups are also an additional option - the web hosting solutions provider offers you data backups on their own backup servers.

Dedicated Hosting Server

The majority of website hosting companies, incl. ResellersPanel Hosting, provide several hardware configurations you can pick from depending on your requirements. Different hardware configurations are available.

Dedicated Web Hosting

With the dedicated server hosting solution, you lease a whole web hosting server whose resources will be used solely by your web sites. Just as any computer, each dedicated server has one or more processors functioning at a certain speed, a certain amount of RAM memory, one or more hard disk drives, and so on.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

Most hosting service providers, incl. NTC Hosting, offer different hardware configurations you can choose from on the basis of your requirements. The hardware configurations include different options.

Dedicated Server

For someone who is inclined to invest in safety and reliability, the bigger price is of no concern. You get full server root access and can utilize 100% of the physical server's system resources without anyone else sharing these resources and intervening with your web sites.